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Our Dentures Are of the Highest Quality and Craftsmanship

Dentures have long been the trusted solution to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Patients can receive high-quality traditional or implant-supported dentures made of the finest materials from Dr. John Crisler in Rio Rancho, NM. Dr. Crisler strives to provide the best solution for his patient's denture and oral health needs. 

Your Denture Options

Dentures have been relied upon for many years to replace a missing set of lower or upper teeth, restoring form and function to the mouth. Traditionally, dentures are held in place over the gums with natural suction and special adhesives, which are not always consistent and can sometimes slip.

Dr. Crisler and his team understand that a finely-crafted denture makes a huge difference in the quality of your everyday life.

With advancements in dental technology, today’s dentures can be retained securely with dental implants. This is quickly becoming the preferred tooth-replacement option for its reliability, durability, and natural look and feel. 

Implant-supported Dentures: With these dentures, titanium posts are surgically inserted into the jaw to fuse with the jawbone. Dentures are then attached to these posts, creating an unmatched level of stability and functionality for the prosthetic. Patients can enjoy talking with friends and eating their favorite foods, with full confidence in the fit of their teeth. Additionally, implant-retained dentures serve as a tooth root, stimulating the jawbone and preventing deterioration of jaw function and facial appearance. 

Traditional Dentures: These dentures are crafted based on a mold of the patient's gums, allowing for a snug fit and comfortable all-day wear. Patients will remove the dentures for daily cleaning and apply an adhesive to aid in the binding process of the dentures to the gums. Advanced technology and enhanced materials make denture-wearing a great deal different than in the past. Traditional dentures are an effective solution for patients, in terms of cost, function, and appearance.

Close-up of dentures being held in dentist's hand.
Dentures have been relied upon for many years to replace missing teeth 

How Dr. Crisler Can Help

Dr. Crisler and his team understand that a finely-crafted denture makes a huge difference in the quality of your everyday life. They go to great lengths to ensure that every detail of your denture fabrication achieves this. For over 30 years, Dr. Crisler has partnered with a lab that crafts porcelain dentures that possess a sheen that mimics natural tooth enamel. Their carefully-molded dentures will complement your bite and rest comfortably over your gums.

Our dentures provide patients with some truly outstanding advantages:

  • Restorations that attractively and accurately emulate the appearance of original teeth
  • Dentures that improve your facial features by adding volume to your cheeks and lips
  • Implant-supported dentures that accurately imitate the appearance and feel of original teeth, while also halting jawbone deterioration
  • Traditional dentures that rest snuggly over your gums for optimal comfort

Dr. Crisler also provides convenient denture repair, from mending fractured dentures, to adding a tooth to a partial denture, if you lose an adjacent tooth. For added patient comfort, he can reline dentures, ensuring that the denture feels smooth in your mouth and functions reliably. If you need a clasp fixed on your partial denture, he can send your denture to his partner lab for expedited, high-quality repair. 

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If you are ready for new dentures, need to repair your existing prosthetic, or want to learn more about implant-supported dentures, contact our practice today. Dr. John Crisler will be happy to discuss your options with you. 

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